Web Development

Empower your employees to have informed and knowledgeable tech conversations with your current clients and future prospects and use code to get better at solving problems and delivering value.


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Teach your employees the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript - also known as Front-End Web Development. Students can expect to become adept at creating static websites and building simple web applications. Our curriculum is comprised of exercises, projects, code-alongs, and brief lectures. 

In our back-end web development course, employees learn the fundamentals of computer science in addition to object oriented programming, databases and SQL, APIs, Git and more.

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Below is a snapshot of what a web development course might cover but we would work with you to tailor a program fit for your organisation or team.

Upskill your employees with coding.

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Hear from our students

"The course is detailed, fast paced...You will leave the course with some great resources to get you started. Sam and Braydan are great, the facilities, support team and the ethos of Collective Campus are also great.

Brock, Code Collective

"The Lean Startup Short Course at Collective Campus equips you with the fundamentals required to take your startup idea to an MVP and validate it. Interactive classroom sessions, hands-on exercises and guest speakers who talked about their startup journeys were the highlights of the course for me."

Hima Tk

"Steve is extremely knowledgeable around innovation theory and start up methodologies and provides great commercial perspectives on disruptive innovators. Definitely worth a listen for any company not currently disrupting themselves"

Sue Hogg, Iterations Manager

The workshops I’ve taken at Collective Campus were highly relevant to my career, pitched at the right level and delivered to perfection. CC provides a productive environment for high-quality, tailored training from a comprehensive list of contributors.

Doryan Gowty, Portfolio Manager