May 15, 2017

URWork Partners with Collective Campus to Build a Bridge of Entrepreneurship Between Australia, Singapore and China

URWork Partners with Collective Campus to Build a Bridge of Entrepreneurship Between Australia, Singapore and China

URWork, one of Asia's largest co-working space operators with a valuation of more than US$1B, is set to open its first operation out of China in Singapore. In light of this move, it has partnered with Collective Campus, a corporate innovation consultancy and startup accelerator provider, to support and stimulate the flow of entrepreneurs between China, Singapore and Australia. 


Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Collective Campus has been home to over 50 startups that have collectively raised more than US$10M and is currently running Asia-Pac’s first legaltech startup accelerator with mid-tier law firm Mills Oakley. Collective Campus recently established a presence in Singapore where it plans to strengthen ties between large organizations and startups across the region to support innovation and create more impact.


Collective Campus Co-Founder and COO, Sean Qian, said that "by creating more links between large organisations and startups in AsiaPac, we can help founders overcome cultural barriers and other challenges whilst helping incumbent organizations better navigate the increasing uncertainty that tech disruption continues to bring. We are thrilled to be partnering with URWork to give Australian startups an opportunity to tap into URWork’s networks and the broader business community in Asia and especially in China to fast-track their growth in the region."


Collective Campus’ startups will have priority access to the URWork China and URWork Singapore coworking communities and global app. In addition to this, Collective Campus will also help to deliver education on innovation and entrepreneurship across the three countries.


Mr. Mao Daqing, founder of URwork, said that “Urwork is the largest and the most recognized co-working space operator in China. Our goal is to establish a global leading co-working space platform, to stimulate business interactions based on our membership, community and to encourage the creative minds to make a difference in our dynamic environment. We are delighted that Collective Campus and Urwork will create links among entrepreneurs who are keen to explore the China, Singapore and Australia markets”.


The partnership will foster collaboration across countries, across the business community and spearhead innovation, an ongoing imperative for the Asia Pacific region, particularly for the huge market of rising enterprise in China.


URWork Singapore is scheduled to open in July this year with a 640m2 space in Lauchpad@One North.

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