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Step #1 - Listen

Through conversations in the workplace or event, you might discover management is looking at the following initiatives:

Launch Innovative Products

They are hunting for opportunities to grow revenue channels and market share. Rather than risk getting disrupted, this is an opportunity to leapfrog over competitors.

Improving Customer Experience

With consumers looking beyond product quality and pricing, customer experience is critical for retention and protecting market share.

Driving Culture Change

The fight for top talent is very competitive. By encouraging an innovative culture along with constant training, this increases job satisfaction, retention, and company-wide productivity.

Step #2 - Introduce

After identifying the right opportunity, it is time to make an introduction.

Simply meet with the individual in charge of the initiative, mention you know we have done similar work in the space and make an email introduction. Be sure to include Steve Glaveski, steve@collectivecamp.us in the email thread.

If you need to sharpen the pitch before approaching the individual in charge, email info@collectivecamp.us and we'll help you with crafting a compelling intro.

Step #3 - Earn Upon A Successful Introduction

After passing on the contact to us, we will follow-up by connecting to the individual and learning more about their innovation initiatives.

If we can help them, we'll let them know. Or if we can't, we'll be upfront about it too.

This conversation could lead to a Discovery Workshop (priced at $2,500) or an Accelerator Program (priced at up to $350,000).

In the event we close the sale, you earn 10% of the initial engagement fee.

This could range from $250 to $35,000.

Not a bad deal by leveraging a network that you are already part of and making an introduction.

Step #4 - Earn When Your Contacts Introduce

Apart from your existing network, we make it possible to earn from your 2nd-degree network too.

If you have contacts working with other companies, do forward this link to them.

This gives them the opportunity to become an affiliate.

When they make a successful introduction, they earn 10% of the initial project engagement.


You get 5% of the initial project engagement - as a thank you for introducing them to our affiliate network.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to info@collectivecamp.us to clarify.