About Collective Campus

The world's greatest underused source of energy is not the sun, the wind or the waves... it's our organisations and their people.

Collective Campus is an innovation hub, school and consultancy based in Australia and Singapore that works with companies to help them adopt the mindsets, methods and tools required to explore new business models and innovate in an era of rapid disruption.

‘CC’ has helped organisations such as MetLife Insurance, Sportsbet, King & Wood Mallesons, GEMS World Academy, Mills Oakley, Telstra, Australian Unity, ANZ and National Australia Bank with their innovation initiatives.

If your organisation needs help coming up with ideas, testing and turning ideas into reality, incubating project teams, driving cultural change, training staff in emerging skill-sets and technologies, or connecting and partnering with startups, then CC can help.

The pace of innovation and disruption is faster than ever.

Our Mission

To help organisations allocate resources to innovate more effectively in order to decrease wastage, deliver better outcomes, drive prosperity for all and build a workforce of engaged and fulfilled employees.

Our Story

Sean Qian was the founder of Collins Collective and Queens Collective, both tech startup co-working spaces in Melbourne's CBD.

Steve Glaveski was a former management consultant, and web entrepreneur who worked with the likes of Macquarie Bank and EY before starting an online office-sharing platform called HOTDESK. Having taken up residence at Queens Collective and developed a friendship with Sean, serendipity ensued.

To encourage more startups, Sean harboured ambitions to build and host education bootcamps focused on emerging skill-sets, while Steve, armed with the knowledge that large organisations are built to deliver upon existing business models but to discover new ones, and his experience from the startup world, knew that employees of large organisations would benefit from this the most. Bring the thinking and doing from the latter to the former, in an effort to not help companies stand a chance of staying competitive in a fast moving 21st Century, but to also help liberate employees from the grind and help them do more work that matters. As practitioners of the lean startup and of rapid experimentation, the pair combined to run some initial ‘lean startup for corporates’ workshops. The first workshop drew 3 people, the second 7, the third 18 and by the forth they were selling out.

Several months later, Queens Collective became Collective Campus and expanded its team and its suite of offerings beyond corporate education to include hackathons, corporate startup accelerators, idea challenges and culture change consulting, working with some of the world’s largest organisations and birthing an iTunes chart topping innovation podcast along the way!

“Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose”. Cotton Hill’s quote reminds us that to succeed in an age of rapid change we need to stop being ‘right’ by 20th Century conventions, and start being more intentional, Socratic and experimental in our approach if we are to survive.

Collective Campus is helping organisations to do just that. It is helping them to discover, not just deliver, it is helping them to to explore, not just execute. This is critical to the ongoing success and relevance of any company operating today that longs to operate tomorrow.

why we exist

Uncertainty, technological change, fickle customer habits and disruption to industry incumbents is rapidly increasing because the resources, processes and values at large companies, are all geared towards delivery of an existing business model, not the discovery of new ones, critical to survival today.

why does this matter?

More than 50% of today's S&P500 companies face replacement in the next 10 years.
Large companies can no longer rely on existing products and customers to generate long-term recurring revenues and need to embrace fail-fast thinking to explore disruptive innovation, capture new markets and remain competitive in an era of rapid disruption.

what we offer

End-to-end innovation services, from idea generation to business model and product development. To achieve this, we facilitate idea management, hackathons, incubation, open innovation programs, innovation capability assessments and high-impact workshops designed to create and optimise a culture of innovation.

Meet the Team

Steve Glaveski


Co-founder and CEO

As CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus, Steve has directly worked with the likes of MetLife Insurance, Australian Unity, Sportsbet, King & Wood Mallesons and Mills Oakley with their innovation initiatives and has spearheaded the growth of CC since its inception.

Steve wrote the Innovation Manager's Handbook vol 1 and 2 and hosts Future², an iTunes chart topping podcast on corporate innovation and entrepreneurship which has seen him interview thought leaders such as Steve Blank, Ash Maurya, Alec Ross and Karen Dillon.

A keynote speaker on corporate innovation, Steve has graced the stage at CPA Congress across Australia in 2016, PauseFest, HRx, Telstra, ANZ, NAB, Bupa, CarSales, Downer Group, Australia Post, CapGemini and VicRoads, amongst others.

More recently, Steve co-founded Lemonade Stand, a children's entrepreneurship program for 9-12 year olds that teaches them the fundamentals of design thinking, the lean startup philosophy, coding and developing augmented realities. The program has been rolled out across Australia and Singapore.

He previously founded HOTDESK, an office sharing platform and has worked for the likes of Westpac, Dun & Bradstreet, the Victorian Auditor General's Office, Ernst & Young, KPMG and Macquarie Bank.

Sean Qian
Co-founder and Chief of Operations

Sean is the COO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus and Lemonade Stand.

Since joining forces with Steve to create Collective Campus, Sean has worked across all of the organisation’s projects including its educational bootcamps, corporate accelerator programs with Mills Oakley and Gems World Academy, and Lemonade Stand - where he still facilitates regularly.

One of Sean’s drives at CC is to connect more startups with corporates so that both entities can benefit from each other’s strengths. On this, Sean oversees and facilitates the hundreds of startup & community events that CC hosts each year, and is an integral part of the local ecosystem, having been a guest judge at pitch events such as Microsoft’s Imagine Cup finals, Angelcube accelerator, and StartupVic pitch nights.

More recently, Sean co-founded Lemonade Stand, a children's entrepreneurship program for 9-12 year old which has seen more than 600 students participate in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore since its inception in 2016. He is now working with the team to reach kids all over the world through Lemonade Stand Online.

Prior to starting Collective Campus, Sean founded startup coworking spaces Collins Collective and Queens Collective. He also co-founded a national events and touring company which he exited in 2012.

Charity De La Cruz
Chief Experience Officer

Charity leads community management at Collective Campus and is also Head Designer, overseeing all marketing and branding of the Collective Campus identity.

As a designer with over ten years’ experience, she brings with her a keen eye for detail, combined with a strong passion for technology. Charity was also one of the earliest members of the Collective Campus team. Her positive attitude and genuine nature placed her as a natural fit for the Chief Experience Officer role. Charity ensures that the coworking aspects of Collective Campus consciously nurtures an attitude focused on fostering a strong sense of collaboration.

Shay Namdarian
General Manager in Customer Strategy

Shay is the General Manager of Customer Strategy at Collective Campus. He has over 8 years of experience working across a wide range of projects focusing on customer experience, design thinking, innovation and digital transformation. He has gained his experience across several consulting firms including Ernst & Young, Capgemini and Accenture. Over the years, Shay has worked with and provided advice to leading Australian and Global organisations including NAB, Westpac, Qantas, Coca-Cola and South East Water.

Shay is also co-founder of Barnaby, a men’s fashion socks brand providing customers with high quality and affordable men’s statement socks. After launching at the end of 2013, the brand is now stocked over 20 stores while building a strong social media presence and the brand has had placements in key publications including GQ and The Daily Telegraph. Most recently, Shay co-founded Winston Watches, a brand that was successfully tested and crowd-funded on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign raised over three times the funding target ($48,000).

General Manager of Strategy and Innovation

Frances is the General Manager of Innovation and Strategy at Collective Campus. She is an innovation consultant, brand strategist and customer champion. Her career spans the private and not-for-profit sectors in finance, business operations, marketing research, project management and business model development. She is passionate about empowering organisations to achieve innovation excellence, whether it’s in delivering outstanding customer experiences or cultural transformation.

With her innovation consulting expertise, Frances has been a trusted advisor to her clients’ branding, service quality and product development needs. She brings experience across a broad number of sectors including telecommunications, FMCG, education, energy, logistics and real estate. What excites her is using innovation methodologies that generate actionable strategies for organisations. She is most fulfilled when these strategies inform commercial decision-making and new growth opportunities.

Our Facilitators

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